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The Exciting new game
that turns players into millionaires!
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There’s nothing else like it on the market, and we’re confident it will transport both operators and their players From ordinary to Extraordinary!

Game Logic


Guess 7 numbers from 1 – 35 and 1 card suit from 4

Lotto Hero is based on traditional draw games. Players select seven numbers and a card suit to be in with the chance of winning.


Get going

Lotto Hero is available on leading online casino partners around the world. All you need to do is open an account and deposit your money.

castle notes

Fill out the lottery ticket

There are three ticket options
Quickbets, Hero Bets, or Pick My Own.

Quickbets allows randomly generated tickets to be selected, while Hero Bets produces combinations of tickets from your lucky numbers, most frequently drawn, or most overdue numbers.

Fill out tickets manually or let the game select these for you. Main Draw tickets cost €2 which automatically guarantees entry into the Second Chance Draw.


Wait for the Draw

Draws take place on the hour, every hour, 24/7, 365 days a year. Draw results are published on the sites of all our online casino partners, as well as the Lotto Hero website.

It’s not long until the next draw!


In case of a match

A win is determined when the numbers on the ticket match that of the winning set.
The guaranteed jackpot is of €1 million and can go beyond € 10 million.

A number of matched combinations on the Main and Second Chance Draw may trigger wins as displayed below:



Part of your winnings can be donated to a charity of choice. Lotto Hero will also give away 1% of its profits on the game to good causes


Why Lotto Hero?

Hourly Draw

Hourly Draw

Increased chances of winning with hourly main and Second Chance Draw

Cumulative Jackpots

Cumulative Jackpots

Guaranteed Jackpot of € 1 million and can go up to € 10 million



Simple gameplay

Mobile Play

Mobile Play

Optimised for play on mobile and tablet device


A brand new game but a familiar format